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    We have our way to win!!

    The forecast for tomorrow's game could really benefit the Ravens. Winds are expected to be sustained in the 25-35mph range and gusting to 55mph through tomorrow and tomorrow night. With this type of wind it would be tough for the Pats to throw. If they have to run all game, I like our chances!

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    Re: We have our way to win!!

    Good point. With us only giving up 77.9 yards a game (3rd in NFL) on the ground, that would really put things in our favor. Keep ya fingers crossed for extremely high winds all night long!

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    Re: We have our way to win!!

    I just saw that weather report. Gusts between 40 and 50. I just dug out my mask to wear as I am upper deck. With winds like that there is no way the Pats are going to run the score up. Blow baby blow!

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    Re: We have our way to win!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    Blow baby blow!
    Wow! I never thought I would actually agree with this phrase outside the bedroom


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