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In a non-sarcastic manner, the QB you seek out is Denis Dixon form Oregon. He is a little slower Michale VIck with a better arm.
If you are looking for Big Ben type mobility, where escabability from the pocket is paramount, not the actual gain of yards from running, then Ryan to me, is the most likely guy to be able to escape the pocket and still make a downfield play.

I, personally, don't feel the line is as bad as you describe, and certainly don't think it will be that bad bny the tiem whomever we draft actually plays. We may have some more gwoing pains next year, but I can't imagine a sub-par line by '09. I have faith in these young kids to improve. I don't really understand why so few people do. Most of these kids are Rooks, 2nd year guys and a couple are third year guys. Chester appears to be the only one slow to progress and well, he was drafted as a high ceiling project.

Well, I've watched this line operate with guys like Ethan Brooks, Orlando Brown, and those guys. Remember, Boller isn't the only QB to be injured by this line. It's not like the line has been good, then got bad. It's been bad. It's been bad for years. And when they can't pass block, they can run block and nothing else (2003). The last couple years they can't do either.

And to me, if the line is GOING to be good by the time we play a draft pick, then why draft a QB when you know the line is going to play better, and pick up the play of whoever is QB'ing the team, McNair, Boller, or Smith?

If we are going to draft a QB this year, and I am sticking to the discussion at hand, then I think I'm looking at Dixon more than Ryan.