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    Re: See you in November

    Quote Originally Posted by esmd View Post
    Not at all, opposing fans are welcomed provided they don't act like jerks and troll the board. You give no indication of that, so welcome! I'd hoped to make the trip this fall, but with young kids and moving into a new house next month, it's just not in the cards. Have to wait until 2025. Seeing the Ravens play at Lambeau is on my bucket list. You guys will, as usual, be in the playoff hunt. Aaron Rodgers pretty much makes that a given, along with a division that is a pretty good example of modern NFL parity. I'm not a big believer in either Minnesota or Detroit. My issue with your team is can you run effectively enough to take the pressure off Rodgers, and I'm not sure about your defense either. I'd still put you as favorites to win the division though, unless Bradford really catches fire in Minnesota.

    Opposing fans will always be under the microscope mroe than others, but they are absolutely welcomed. Be respectful, get respected.

    CincyCat is a great poster and he's a division rival. Dude is respectful to everyone and everyoen is respectful to him. We even have a damn Steelers fan on here and he's a great guy to talk with. He's proud of his team if they beat us, but he doesn't rub it in and it's all good.
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    Re: See you in November

    Quote Originally Posted by The Fanatic View Post
    Maybe just an assumption by the Packers fan based on how he's been treated elsewhere on other forums or at stadiums.
    There isn't any ill will here based on what I've seen here when it comes to the Packers.
    A couple seasons ago the Packers played here and there was a decent amount of Packers fans here.
    Had a large bunch in a custom converted RV/Bus seriously done up in Packers colors and stuff invade our tailgate lot.
    They were all cool both before and after the game when they had won.
    Definitely a different type of fan base than most of what you see.
    I think that's probably something to do with that small town, midwestern mentality. You don't get the big city elitism from Pack fans like you do from teams in big cities that are usually good like Boston, NY, Chicago, etc.
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    Re: See you in November

    These new sentiments of respect may feel a bit odd to old time fans who still think of the strong Packer-Colts rivalry, the sting of Chandler's phantom field goal, etc. Frankly, I'm surprised Packer fans aren't still upset with Ravens after Elam's low hit on Randall Cobb in 2013; legal but not pretty. But when I visit Wisconsin the locals seem mostly level headed. Unlike, say, P*ts fans. Perhaps we bonded by a common annoyance.

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    Re: See you in November

    I went 8 years ago top the Monday night game in December at Lambeau. I can't say enough about how great of an experience it was. They are the nicest people, and that field has an energy that comes from it. It doesn't matter what the weather is go. I hope to be there also, but haven't solidified the plans as of yet.

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    Re: See you in November

    No hate for the Pack on this board. From watching the Ice Bowl on TV when I was a little kid, to seeing Aaron Rodgers work his magic in the present day, there's been a lot of entertaining football brought to the world from Lambeau.

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    Re: See you in November

    The Packers were my team before 96 and their last two starting QBs have been my two all-time favorite QBs (Rodgers might be the best ever on pure talent imo). No ill will for them ever unless they are playing the Ravens

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    Re: See you in November

    You guys think you are going to beat us in November? Trust me we respect the Ravens. Great team.

  8. Re: See you in November

    Quote Originally Posted by Gjennings85 View Post
    You guys think you are going to beat us in November? Trust me we respect the Ravens. Great team.
    Little early to be making detailed predictions but I think most on here would probably peg that game as a loss for the Ravens at this point in time.
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    Re: See you in November

    Quote Originally Posted by Gjennings85 View Post
    You guys think you are going to beat us in November? Trust me we respect the Ravens. Great team.
    Glad to have you. We always welcome insight from other fans. To that, how are you feeling? Looks like a pretty quiet offseason for you guys. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I guess. I'd assess your draft as heavy on depth, not much for impact guys. I do like Josh Jones. You did a bit to strengthen the secondary which was the biggest need. Other than that, keep Rodgers and the boys healthy and you should be competitive as always. Interested to hear what you think.

    As to your question, I think even the most optimistic Ravens fan, one who thinks we might be a 12-win team, would still count @Lambeau as one of the four losses. That game and @Oakland are clearly the two toughest on our schedule on paper.

    Anything can happen, but I doubt you'll find anyone on this board predicting a Ravens win that day. Best of luck to you guys this season (except for November 19th, of course.) I hope you'll come back closer to the game for some good scouting info.
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    Re: See you in November

    Well we did get Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks and I think getting five running backs in the draft really helps. Also improving our secondary really helps like we did in the draft. Now we just have to keep Rodgers healthy and things should be ok.

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    Re: See you in November

    I think most posters here would predict that game as a loss.

    The Packers as always will be in the hunt. They were my SB pick last season, and I was surprised they lost to Atlanta tbh. Welcome to the boaRd. I hope you stick around. Always good to got other fans perspective

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    Re: See you in November

    I think we were up by a lot like 20-0 at halftime the last time we played in Lambeau and you guys came back and we only won 27-20. Monday night game if I remember right. You guys remember that game? We barely won in Baltimore but probably should have lost in 2013.


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