According to several players, the Ravens had a new buzz of excitement this week about Billick calling plays. Apparently, he is more detailed explaining not only the routes, but why receivers run them.

Hopefully we can get some rythem now. There were no plays being called that made you say "hunh?" like when Cavanaugh was around. But really there was a lot curious about the play calling. We all know Jamal's been complaining to the media again about his roles, but unlike last year I agree with him now. It would always seem like he started getting into a groove, and suddenly they'd just take him out and/or start throwing the ball. I never got that.

These next two weeks should say a lot. They're critical games to our season. We need to be at least 5-3 after that stretch, cause if we're 4-4 we're in a lot of trouble...

- C -