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    Re: Will the Offense Look Any Different?

    Quote Originally Posted by FadeToBlack View Post
    I don't buy that excuse for a second about the execution. Even if they executed the plays perfectly on every snap, the sheer predictability of the offense would still render their efforts completely useless, and here's why.

    How often do the Ravens take shots down the field?

    Answer: not often

    How predictable is your offense when you don't even throw 20 yards down the field?

    Answer: very

    Also, let's not forget the biggest problem on the offense is the offensive line.

    Are we really supposed to believe that Mike Flynn, Edwin Multitalo (before the injury) and Jon Ogden all of a sudden just stopped executing immediately after they paved Jamal's path for the 2nd highest rushing output in NFL history? Ha! Let's face it, either these guys are getting old or the line coaching has taken a nosedive since Foerster took over in '04. I fail to see any other reason why these 3 players would suddenly pull a David Copperfield act if it isn't for father time or a change in line coaching.

    And as for Jason Brown, Keydrick Vincent and Tony Pashos, when have these guys ever proven to be good NFL starters? Perhaps Brown has hope, but just because they're younger doesn't mean they're any good. At least Flynn, Mulitalo and Ogden used to be good - or even dominant. But we're supposed to believe these younger guys aren't executing, despite the fact that a once-dominant threesome of Ogden, Mulitalo and Flynn also can't execute?

    1. Ogden, Mulitalo, and Flynn helped Jamal to the "second highest rushing output" how many years ago? It is called getting older.

    2. How many passes have McNair overthrown or underthrown to Mason, Heap and Clayton?

    3. Getting back to Jamal, when he rushed for over 2,000 yards, many of his yards came after the initial point of contact. In other words, Jamal would break tackles and in some instances just run over defenders. He is no longer doing this.

    Is the offense as vanilla as ice cream? Of course it is, however it was good enough for us to score over 20 offensive points in each of our first two games. It is the lack of execution that causes that TD pass to bounce off of Mason's chest in the endzone. McNair underthrowing Clayton in that Denver game that led to an INT is lack of execution. The OL not opening holes and not pass protecting has nothing to do with "systems or schemes." It has to do with execution (and yes, talent which you pointed out).

    Bottomline, you guys lean on schemes and systems, as an excuse, so much that some of you don't understand what you are saying. The Colts may have various looks, but you know what they are going to do most often: pass the ball. The thing is that very few teams can stop Manning and his offense, bcause he and Harrison are difficult to stop due to their excellence in execution.

    Teams not respecting our ability to deep pass has zero to do with the system. It has to do with McNair not being able to pass the ball for more than 30 yards, and Boller being so erratic with his deep passes. It has to do with Jamal Lewis "dancing with the stars" instead of running them over as well as the OL not giving time nor holes to set anything up.

    Very simple.
    It's a new season! It's a new day!

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    Re: Will the Offense Look Any Different?

    Quote Originally Posted by RAVENOUS52 View Post
    I think the difference with Billick directly behind the controls will be our propensity to go for the deep pass at unpredictable moments, not necessarily dictated by down and distance...Jamal WILL have a big day as well, IMHO...
    I agree with this statement. What is even better is that the Saints can't even study any game film with BB's offense other than the basics. With the players having "input" and a rejuvenated mindset for the offense, I look for a big game from the O, and I'm extremely optimistic about our RAVENS!

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    Re: Will the Offense Look Any Different?

    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
    I'll go on record as saying that the offense is going to take a SIGNIFICANT step up due to Billick taking over -- minimum of 25% points more a game if not more. We end up being in the middle tier of offenses -- can't get in the upper tier with this o-line. Major cause is execution and Billick being willing to do what it takes -- read bench Jamal if he doesn't produce.

    I think everyone underestimates Billick and we'll see the difference starting this Sunday .
    I right with you,I think all the Billick haters are going to be eating some crow real soon.


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