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    Re: Pick the Score - Week 13

    Ravens 20
    Patriots 10

    Ray Ray & Easy Eddie Reed show the nation who is boss.

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    Re: Pick the Score - Week 13

    Patriots 35
    Ravens 27

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    Re: Pick the Score - Week 13

    Patriots - 42

    Ravens - 17

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    Re: Pick the Score - Week 13

    Patriots -- A lot

    Ravens -- A little

    This game will be very ugly. The Champps down the street from my place is always FILLED with Pats fans. I will be wearing the Ed Reed authentic in support!
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    Re: Pick the Score - Week 13

    Patriots 31
    Ravens 17

    We won't win because we have no pass rush, and the Pats have a great OL. That means Brady will have all day to pass. And that means that even if the secondary is healthy, they'll get torched.

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    Re: Pick the Score - Week 13

    Rochardrik and Ravenator were both pretty close, with a 3 point game in the 20s. They both had the wrong winner but nobody else was in the ballpark.

    Good job Rochardrik and Ravenator!

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