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Had never seen these. Pretty cool. I never made that meet, but a later one I think. Is the tall guy HKusp?
Yeah you did. We had Fajitas with peppers and hot sauce from Spoon in Texas lol.
I was Ravensroost back then. I believe Todd heap had a huge game that day. HKusp was at the meet you went too, but not in this video. That was a different year.

I organized 2 or 3 of these meets I think. We posted a poll listing 8 locations - each one was near an elevator in both the Lower and upper decks, Ravens & Visitors side. We asked posters who were interested in meeting at halftime of a particular game, to vote for the location nearest their section, and we met at the "winning" location.

It was good meetin' ya Steve!

- rfd