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Thread: May 9 Tenders

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    Re: May 9 Tenders

    We also have some "leftover" talent

    Jarrod Pugsley G who has been flipping PS with KC (did play 2 games on 2015 and one in the playoffs)
    Broxton G Baylor (from Only Md) was on our PS last year
    D'Ondre Wesley was on the 53 for 7 games last year
    Nembot was IR
    Skura was PS

    Also have Shakir, Maurquice G who may make PS, he is not making the roster
    Kublanow, Brandon C Georgia is developmental and PS material if he shows promise

    Eluemunor is definitely our developmental hope ...

    Agree with you on don't count the draftees out in the 4th or 5th rd, but it did take Tony Pashos (5th 2003) who started no games in 2003 and 2004, before starting 7 in 2005 and all 16 in 2006 -then gone for a payday), but Hale a 4th, and Myers a 5th is still listed on Seattle's roster (as a Tackle) but no games played

    We need Skura to have developed lower body strength, need Urschel to have ironed out the shotgun errant snaps, need Nico to progress like Alex Lewis did (but no injury)
    And with all that, I find myself still thinking we meed a lineman .... a Bobby Williams, Willie Anderson ... a one year veteran rental

    I'm remembering too vividly what I broke down here
    the 10-16 game (NYG) Urschel, Hurst and Jensen started (Stanley, Yanda and Wagner were out)

    We are starting the season later on with Wagner, Decasse, Zuttah out
    In the first scenario, people came back from injury (except Lewis who went out weeks later)
    In the second scenario, the players are already gone on to other teams.

    I really don't want to see Hurst and Jensen as our depth (much less starters)
    I'll take Elueminor as depth (inactive early)
    Stanley- Lewis- Urschel/Skura - Yanda -Veteran OR
    Stanley- DeuceGoose- Urschel/Skura - Yanda -Lewis but want more experienced depth than Nembot/or others currently on the team, still want a veteran (Ducasse didn't start for a month (Nov 10th) after he was re-signed on Oct 11)

    Feel better not having to rely on rookies with those who could replace them if hurt able to play no better only seasoned with experience.
    I'm willing to wait and take a good long look at what we have, but really expect a late veteran arrival ... the beauty of our system is Yanda can play multiple positions, as can Lewis, so we can find the best veteran without having to be a T or a G but could be either

    I know we would like to see him yesterday, but don't have to see him then. .. really need to see him by September though.
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    Re: May 9 Tenders

    We still haven't found a center. My Hope Is that Lewis fills that position. Why? Because he's an overall good player and has a background in that position. Not too long ago an awesome thread, can't remember who started it mentioned Lewis playing Center. Good logic good explanation as to why he felt Lewis would be a good Center. We need a good Center! And no one we tried last year really worked. I know he would make a good guard I know he would make a good tackle but we need a better than good Center. I think he would be a better than good Center.

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