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    Re: Ravens Wish List

    Matt Ryan, Alex Gibbs and a new offensive scheme and playcaller... That should do it.

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    Re: Ravens Wish List

    Quote Originally Posted by festivus View Post
    My wish is for a single week to go by without the Special Teams coughing up the ball.

    Also my wish is for Kyle Boller to have a complete game, the one we all hope is inside waiting to get out.

    Also my wish is for our defense to be healthy.

    Also my wish is for our offensive line to be healthy, and especially for JO, the big guy who deserves to live in good health and comfort once his playing days are done.

    Also my wish is for Brian Billick to remain as our HC but find a way to dial up an NFL offense like some other teams have, whether through another OC, or whatever.

    Oof. Too many.
    Not too many at all. Good post and I agree with all of it. And to second the Feisty Ravens Chick, lets see Bart put a good dab of hot sauce on Brady!!!!!
    "I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused" - Elvis Costello

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    Re: Ravens Wish List

    Win out for the rest of the season.

    Get Brady

    Get Manning

    Get Big Ben

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    Re: Ravens Wish List

    To have Kyle Boller throw for over 300 yards and we win.

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    Re: Ravens Wish List

    I wish Bart beat the shit out of that ref. Bart is a true American hero. Dont take that fixed NFL referee bullshit!!!!

  6. Re: Ravens Wish List

    Pull the plug on the players shows..ALL OF THEM Even though I do like them, they are getting carried away with themselves I don't know what upper management was thinking when they allowed the player to voice their dirty laundry on the radio It's OK to allow players to be on one of the radio shows, but to have their OWN show???---->


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