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    Re: A picture can paint a thousand words.

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    One bad game and Rex is all of a sudden no good? Your post makes no sense and has no basis in fact.

    The D is still a top notch D in the league no matter how you slice it. Ray is, again, at the top of the league in tackels. We still have an amazing blitz percentage (top of the league I think). The only issue is the secondary and thats due to injury, not anything Rex is doing.

    Sure, Rex called some questionable plays in one game. But what about the rest of the time? Like the 99% of the stuff he does do right? Talk about having a selective memory.
    One bad game? In case you haven't noticed, the defense has been mediocre to average all year.

    30 points allowed in back-to-back games (Browns and Chargers).
    Letting the Browns get up on us so much early that we were never really in the game in Cleveland.
    Almost blowing the late leads in the Jets and Cardinals games.
    Allowing 5 touchdown passes in the first half in Pittsburgh.

    Yes, they've had good games (San Fran, home Cincy game), but this is not the elite defense we're used to. The offense has always stunk, but the D was able to offset that by being so dominant. Now the D is slipping a bit, and the problems are magnified.

    Like Ray said earlier, I'd like to see Rex "just play football" instead of trying to wow everyone with his unconventional looks and exotic blitz packages. They're not fooling anyone this year. And all the "miscommunication" in the secondary has to fall blame to someone.

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    Re: A picture can paint a thousand words.

    I agree with Losac. Injuries have taken their toll on the defense, no doubt. But the mantra of the Ravens has always been "Next Man Up". And so far those next men haven't been able to step up and do the job. And as a result, those around them haven't been effective either. Ray Lewis is the only exception at this point.

    Bart Scott, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Dwan Landry have all but disappeared in the defense this year.

    Bart has ONE sack this year. ONE. Ed Reed has a total of 27 tackles. It's not good.


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