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    Re: NFL Owners Approve International Games

    Quote Originally Posted by Art-Florida View Post
    Not really, it's turning into something very serious indeed.

    Disclaimer: I am a football fan, and have been a long long time, (since age ten) but...

    NFL football is the closest thing there is to organized mechanized warfare.
    The fact that more people outside of North America are becoming enamored with it is troublesome. Do we really want people in Leningrad, Limerick, London, and Dresden doing High fives and chicken noodle dances?

    Militarism. Not a good trend. Nevertheless...Go Killarney!
    I see this as a major "New World Order"/globalist enterprise. Nuff said?

    GO RAVENS!!!
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    Re: NFL Owners Approve International Games

    Quote Originally Posted by losac View Post
    Sorry, but if international fans want to see a Baltimore Ravens game, let them fly to Baltimore.

    to this idea in a big way.

    GO RAVENS!!!

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    Re: NFL Owners Approve International Games

    The only thing that scares me about football in Europe would be if the crazy soccer fans turn into American Football fans. We are nuts but it is controlled rage. Over there those fans are just plain friggin nuts. I would love to travel to London for a game. The food there is just fine. Roast Beef and Yorshire Pudding yum yum.

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    Re: NFL Owners Approve International Games

    Art, I like the 17-game season idea, but the players union will not be happy with that. IMO, the way to fix that is:

    1. No US fan is forced to buy a foreign ticket ever, but has a priority opportunity to purchase.

    2. All game revenues (gross, not net) go to the players union to use as they see fit. To be marketable to the players, this is going to need to be in the $100 million range for 16 games.

    3. The owners win by increasing the popularity of the league on a global scale with the resulting merchandising and broadcast value.

    With 16 games per year, exotic locations can include Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and Europe. Those locations could also include potential new North American expansion sites.

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    Re: NFL Owners Approve International Games

    Here's my idea:

    Let the billionarie autocrats who own these teams pay to send all the US fans who desire to go to europe or other exotic lands over there as embassadors of the sport. Meanwhile, our players will only be subjected to NFLN Thursday night debacles, and garden variety US jetlagged schedules.

    GO RAVENS!!!


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