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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Quote Originally Posted by esmd View Post
    I can't do London right now logistically or financially. I'm trying to do Green Bay. I started a thread in the Road Trips forum but no one has responded.
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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Quote Originally Posted by camdenyard View Post
    Well, unless the Packers or the Ravens change conferences, or GB hosts a Super Bowl, I'd say the chances are 0%
    Preseason. We play(ed) Atlanta just about every year for almost a 7-8 year stretch, alternating sites. I hope we play them this season in ATL so I can check out the new stadium before its opening day and the Ravens regular season return in 2018.
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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Quote Originally Posted by esmd View Post
    I started a thread in the Road Trips forum but no one has responded.
    I'll move this and other offseason road trip planning discussions to that forum after they fizzle out at 24x7, so they would be easier to locate later on.
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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Planning on Green Bay and have been planning on it for a couple years now. Unfortunately, there are a few weekends that won't work, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it falls on a doable weekend. Would love to go to London, but I'd prefer Green Bay. Lived about and hour North of London for 7 years, so its a familiar place.

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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Quote Originally Posted by 404Blackbird View Post
    Schedule release in a couple of months, but knowing that the Crows will be playing across the pond causes some early decisions to be made on roadtrips. A game in London is definitely a unique experience, but one that probably takes a little more planning and cost than usual. They'll also be traveling to hallowed football ground in Green Bay which is a unique experience in and of itself, and one, chances are they won't be doing for another 8 years. They're also doing some interesting things to Lambeau and the Titletown area, adding a park with a football field and ski lodge with a sledding hill ( Hope the game is toward the end of the season to get the full frozen tundra experience.

    Funds won't allow for two trips, although if I choose London, I'd make some other European stops. Which one would you pull the trigger on, or any other roadies you've got your eyes on?
    Go to London - at the end of the day, London can double as both a vacation and opportunity to see the Raven's play. Now that they're adjusting the start time of the games to be later in the day, you also won't sacrifice an entire Sunday while over there. It's as good of an excuse as any.

    I lived in Wisconsin for 5 years and made many trips to Green Bay/Lambeau - I honestly think it's one of those places that you can and should visit, but you do not need to do so as a fan of the away team. The Packers are a likable enough team that you could just make a stadium visit out of it even when they're not playing the Ravens. Also, there isn't much to do in Green Bay and the towns with substantially better "life" (Madison and Milwaukee) are at least 2 hours away.

    If you DO decide to go the Wisconsin route, stay the weekend in Door County (about an hour north of Green Bay) - tons of great restaurants, breweries, and amazing views of Lake Michigan and Green Bay. It's pretty rustic but makes the trip to GB a little more special. If you need any recommendations of places to go or things to do - feel free to PM me.

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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    If you have the money and time to do it, London is the easy choice IMO. As others have said, it's possible that this is the only time the Ravens will ever play in London (I'm not sold on there ever being a permanent London team), and it gives you a great excuse to make it into a full vacation. No disrespect to Green Bay, but I'm pretty sure you'll exhaust everything interesting there is to do in a long weekend - it's not a big city. You wouldn't be able to take in all of London in a week, much less everything else in England.

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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Never been to Green Bay, but I've visited London... and it's a city very well worth visiting.
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    Re: London or Green Bay?

    Been to London once before and loved it. Lambeau Field is a bucket list venue in my opinion, however. Went to the Dallas game in November and enjoyed my time there. There is something about going to see a game at Green Bay that draws me to go.


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