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Thread: Offensive Woes

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    Offensive Woes

    Has anyone else noticed that of the 6 teams weíve played so far this year, 5 of them have a top 5 Defense in the last 2 years? San Diego (1), Denver (4), & Oakland (5) this year and Tampa Bay (1) & Carolina (3) last year. I canít help but wonder if this doesnít have a lot to do with our Offensive inadequacies. I can definitely think of some better teams to play in order to work the kinks out of an offense!

    Billick may have picked the perfect time to take over the offense as it canít get much worse than this!

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    Re: Offensive Woes

    one reason they're so highly rated is they played against the Ravens offense, yuk yuk. honestly, seems like every game is against an excellent defense. who was the last team the Ravens played with a stinking D? the Brownies? and they always play us tought in Cleveland. here's hoping that we can play some weak d's sometime soon. and late last year we beat the Vikings and Packers and put up 30+ points on them, right?


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