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    Phil Savage Does Not Like Drafting OL?

    I was reading on the Cleveland board where a poster stated that Savage's philosophy is to not draft OLmen because they take too long the develop. Savage prefers signing OL via FA. Some of those poster believe that is a huge problem with the lack of success at OL under Savage's leadership.

    Maybe this is in part why we sucked so long at drafting quality OLmen while Savage was here in Baltimore.
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    Re: Phil Savage Does Not Like Drafting OL?

    I think both Ozzie and Savage have goofed in the last few years with their second and third round drafts, regardless of position.

    Interesting, I have been reading that Phil Savage is not so popular in Cleveland. They feel he needs a lot of maturity as a football general manager. I was sad when he left, but I can see that he was probably overrated in his abilities. I think Eric DeCosta does a better job in the draft.

    The OL has been terribly ignored and we are paying the price. We need to start drafting first rounders as OL. We need players who can immediately step in and step up. Letting go of Casey Rabach was one of the worst decisions ever made by the front office.

    Cleveland's problems are many and are not just isolated to their OL. Their biggest problem is their losing culture, wavering fan support and team chemistry. It will be decades before they ever contend for a playoff spot.

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    Re: Phil Savage Does Not Like Drafting OL?

    Casey Rabach is better than Flynn, maybe, slightly. Did you see his 3 holding calls in the game sunday?... not a whole lot to be wishing for, imo.

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    Re: Phil Savage Does Not Like Drafting OL?

    Well, how about our draft record since he left? We have drafted them, but except for injuries don't use them. We draft projects & the rest of the league draft guys & throw them on the field right away. I have seen several posts about Terry & how people think he will be a long term answer. I hope so, but the guy needs to get mean & tough, & you can't teach that, you have to have it in you.

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    Re: Phil Savage Does Not Like Drafting OL?

    maybe PSavage is/was a real good #2 that isn't suited to be a gm (just like Buddy Ryan was a better coordinator than head coach). if/when he leaves the Brownies, maybe we could get him back. I still think it takes 2-4 years to really judge a draft.


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