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    Re: Priest Holmes retires.

    Byner is up there because he is a friend of Modell and Modell thought he deserved it for his time with the franchise (including front office time), which was spent almost exclusively in C-choke in regard to playing. The guy bounced out of here as soon as Snyder offered him a gig dusting the offices down in Dead$kin$ land. Frankly, when he did that we should have yanked it down. I would stick his name on the lower ring at the end and accidentally hang a Budweiser banner over it.

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    Re: Priest Holmes retires.

    HW and Greg,

    My point was if Byner was up there so should Holmes. I clearly see Im in the minority.

    Greg -- being a smartass is not your forte. I was not questioning if you had brains or not -- relax!
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    Re: Priest Holmes retires.

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven
    My point was if Byner was up there so should Holmes. I clearly see Im in the minority.
    I understand your logic, but our point is that Byner shouldn't be in the Ring in the first place. He should be regarded as an outlier, a political entry that had little to do with what he did for the Ravens. By your logic, Eric Rhett really should be in, because he did more on the field for the Ravens than Byner did.

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    Re: Priest Holmes retires.

    Houston, everyone sees your point. It's just that your point - "If X is up there, Y should be too" - is stupid. Nobody accepts that, and if people did, every mediocre starter who ever wore purple and black would be up there.

    That's not how the ROH, or indeed any HOF, should work.

    Also I find Greg to be an outstanding smartass, and normally his posts are pretty well researched, too.

    You are a decent smartass, to your credit you are coming along. You could do with more fact-checking, but you're getting there.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.


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