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    Re: Steelers-Falcons

    [QUOTE=psuasskicker;14953]He should be sending those refs a thank you note for letting him get that time out off before the snap or they wouldn't have even made it to OT. And oh by the way that wasn't just a flinch...Washington practically jumped.

    The Steelers have the Broncos, Saints, us twice, the Bucs who are looking much tougher these days, Panthers, and the Bengals. That's seven tough games, and more importantly it's six games against teams with a winning record and they haven't beaten anyone with a winning record yet.

    I agree that it's gonna take 10-6 minimum to make it to the post-season for a wild-card team this year. They're 2-4 right now and looking far from the dominating Superbowl winning team they were last year. I'm not feeling like 8-2 is a very good possibility...I agree that it looks like a two horse race right now.

    I looked at their schedule and the only 2 easy games they have are the 2 against Cleveland,but that is a division rival so those arent usually that easy.

    There is no way they are winning 8 of 10,with 8 hard games to go.I could see them winning 5-6 of the remaining games at best,with them finishing around .500.

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    Re: Steelers-Falcons

    I loathe the Steelers as much as the next guy; however, IMO, the Steelers play with the Heart of a Champion, and can Never be counted out! Their losses to-date have been really hard fought contests, and with a little luck, they'll recover and get back into the thick of it. Cowher Won't let that team quit, and neither will Heinz Ward, Polamalu, and Big Ben (if he is able to survive the season). As a fan watching the game yesterday, I was really concerned about Ben as he lie there on the field!


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