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    Re: Time For McNair To Get Our Offensive Boys Together

    You make valid points on the DA side 52. But on the other side of that we're being told the only reason McNair is struggling is because he "doesn't know the playbook". That's why I brought them up. We were also told by many Ravens fans that a good QB can overcome a bad offensive line. We're finding out that's just not true.

    Kitna has Roy Williams but McNair has Mason, Heap, and Clayton. Not that big a drop off, but I agree with you Roy Williams is just a freaking machine!

    I spoke a little soon about Matt Lineart, he had his first really bad day today. And really, all of a sudden Baltimore fans are all about wins and losses, and Matt unfortunately is 0-3 right now.

    Still, McNair needs to step up. If he has anything left in the tank, now is the time.

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    Re: Time For McNair To Get Our Offensive Boys Together

    Now is definitely the time we need a win bad at NO.


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