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Actually, you are wrong on all three accounts:

Wow, you wasted 5 minutes of your life selectively pulling stats that include games Boller didn't play. And now we're only looking at away games? Don't the home games count as well?

Here are the stats that makes sense:

Rushing in 2006 3.5 yds per carry
Rushing in 2005 3.6 yds per carry

Looks the same to me.

And if the Ravens didn't bring McNair in to improve the offense what was the point in spending $33 million on him? Here's more:

Total offense in 2006 271 yds per game 5th worst in the NFL(With Boller having the more yards in 3 quarters than McNair has had in all but one game!)
Total offense in 2005 293 yds per game, 9th worst in the NFL

Seems to be decreasing.......

And in 2006 so far we've (McNair) played 3 teams with a grand total of 4 wins together. And 2 of those 4 were against the other bottom feeders in the league.

Next time bring some real stats to the table.

You know as well as I do that on YBR it was said AS IF IT WAS FACT by the Boller haters that bringing any QB in would improve the three areas I mentioned. So where's the improvement?