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Thread: Fun game

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    Re: Fun game

    Yes Admin Steve,
    I know that he was on SNL, I just forgot to mention it.

    Happy ThanksGiving!
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    Jimmy Fallon isnt in the movie, but his Fiance is producing the film. They were shooting local shots around town that was filmed 90% in LA, and 10% in MD for a movie set in Baltimore:

    "Spotted around town Scarlett Johannson and others and I spotted... My favorite actor from Entourage (next to Ari, of course) Kevin Connolly who plays "E" (Eric) and Jimmy Fallon and fiancee, Nancy Juvonen, Producer of the movie took time on Sunday to head to M& T Stadium for the Ravens vs. Cleveland game...what a game to see!"
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    Re: Fun game

    The first half wasn't fun (minus the Ray Ray scamper to daylight) and the contrived finale really pissed me off. My fun immediately disappeared after that and swiftly evolved into severe depression.

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    Re: Fun game

    The second half was very entertaining -- the first half was an embarrassment.

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    Re: Fun game

    Football is always fun, even when it stinks. Hell, at least there is a team to root for.
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    Re: Fun game

    I saw the NFL Network Replay of the game today, I had listened to it over the 'net live. It must have been a thriller and you that were at the game were louder than hell!!!!
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