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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Hey you all. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for having me to the forum. Sorry for the generic screen name but I do really love the game of football. NFL Red Zone rocks! I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa so I am by virtue of geographics a Steelers fan. Before you all pass any judgement or flame me please let me tell you that I am not here to troll. I have lurked on this forum and the Sun for the past couple years and really enjoy some of the posts and football discussions on this board and decided to sign up here. The mods seem to do a great job and this is really well run forum. "Filmstudy" is one of my favorites.

    Why here you ask? Simply because some, if not most of the Steeler forums are too black and gold koolaid riddled. I also like keeping track of the top competition.

    As for Ravens, congratulations on a very good start to the season. As usual the Ravens defense is top notch again. Ray Rice and Ray Lewis are my two favorite Ravens players with Suggs as well. I truly admire the way the Ravens operate from ownership to FO to coaching and players.

    Heres to great season. Thanks for having me.

  2. Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Hey all, going to keep this short because I don't know if it will post.

    29yo fan living in bmore here. Just tired of relying on national media and the Sun for my Ravens news. I know a lot of people on here follow them closely and have a lot of good insight to offer and I'm just here to discuss our beloved team.

    footballfan: don't feel so bad, my name is just as generic as yours with a few extra syllables

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Hi everyone. Just joined, live in the Chicago burbs, you may remember me as OrioleMark on the sunspot board. Still am and have always been a Baltimore sports team fan as I grew up in Baltimore. Hope to continue the tradition of Ravens posts over here. Here's to a Super Bowl season.

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Hey everyone,

    I joined a couple weeks ago when the sun picks thread moved over here.
    This place is awesome. You guys and gals really know your chit. I'll try and keep up. CHEERS!!

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves... name is Patricia. Yes, a female but lacking the "I don't know jack and hate sports gene". I grew up in Pasadena, MD but have not lived there since my team came to town in '96 but most of my family does. Spent a few years in St. Louis and currently live in the southern OBX, NC. (Morehead City area). Never miss a game if I can help it and have plans to see my first at M&T on Thanksgiving.

    Looking forward to discussing the Ravens with other fans since they seem to be in short supply here (I only know 2 others in a town of 60K).

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Hi guys,

    I caught my first game on week 1 this year and brought some luck to the Ravens in game one of the sweep.

    I'm from Ireland living in the UK, and that was my first time in Baltimore, hopefully I'll be back again soom.


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    Hi. Been reading here for a while and finally joined. Coming over from sunspot as many have. I think I was pretty well known over there....more on Oriole board than Ravens.... Original season ticket holder. Had tickets to Stallions, Stars(!) and the Colts at the end.

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster. Love this board and the intelligent discussions that go on. Hoping to contribute to this wonderful community. Go ravens!

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    My apologies for not posting my introduction here. I cant wait to add into some great discussions and continue to learn and be entertained by many of the wonderful people that venture onto this board.

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Hello all! Niner fan here just checking out your board. I completely respect the Ravens and I think this game against you guys will be tough game for us. I believe that the Ravens match up almost perfectly with the Niners and it's true both teams play physical so it will be a battle. Here's to a great game on Thursday! :D

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    Hi everybody, I'm Barry. I'm a Ravens fan stuck in PA with Steelers fans! (no I'm not from TX- it's just a nickname). I usually get to 1 or 2 games a year. I was just at the Colts game on Sunday and was pretty impressed with the performance, especially T-sizzle! We look ready to make a long playoff run!

    check out my sports blog- http:/

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    Re: New members: please introduce yourselves...

    Pleasure to meet everyone and look forward to being very active and some interesting post.


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