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Thread: Delay of Game?

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    Delay of Game?

    Did anyone else notice that on the last play before the field goal in regulation, Braylon Edwards tossed the ball aside after the catch?

    Shouldn't this have been a delay of game penalty based on the new rules? I realize that they called a timeout, but I remember Mason tossing it aside when he was injured and it being called a penalty, when, in fact, an injured player on the ground acts as a time out too, no? Essentially...

    So within the rules, shouldn't this have been a 5 yard penalty?

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    Re: Delay of Game?

    Was he still in the field of play or O.B.? I vaguely remember the paly and remember questioning it, but I do not remember the specifics.
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    If the clock was stopped and he was not in the feild of play than no flag could be thrown. I would have to go back a look at the play again to see if that was the case!

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    Re: Delay of Game?

    He was in the field of the 35 yard line or so....He caught it, got up, threw the ball...the Browns called a TO.

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    Then yes it should have been a delay of game.. God knows if a Ravens player did it a ref would make SURE we got the flag!!

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    Re: Delay of Game?

    Ok then. The officials were clearly on the Browns payroll. :)

    I want the league to initiate a zebra-gate investigation... post-haste!
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!


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