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    Boller Report card?

    Ok, so I have never started a thread here before, so go easy on me.

    I want everyone's assessment on how the felt about Bollers start.

    My opinion is as follows:

    In the 1st half, he still made a LOT of mental errors. he was missing open receivers due to over-throwing.

    He taps the ball too much and telegraphs the passes

    Happy feet.. still.


    The second half was much better. he definitely settled down. A few big plays really helped him find his confidence.

    While overall, I was marginally impressed with his play, the outcome was not entirely on his shoulders. he got next to no help early on from his receivers. the 1st interception, the receiver (mason, I think?)made no attempt to o up for the ball. No excuse for that kind of lack of attempt. I guess though, it was the first time in ages Mason has actually ran down field. He probably did not know where he was and it confused him.

    Aside from the lack of help from the receivers corps, the O-line continued to collapse, leaving Boller a fish in a barrell. Boller showed he still has wheels when the plays break down. It makes me nervous when he runs, because his awareness of the ball (not protecting it) has been suspect in the past.

    If Boller can continue to play the way he did in the second half, I think he will do very well in a starting position.

    For this game, I give him a C+. It may seem unfair to some, but that is based mostly onthe 1st half.

    Anyone else want to chime in?
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    Re: Boller Report card?

    How well would we lok to our bosses if we only did half our job?

    Billick has never had command of one side of the ball.

    Boller, most of the time, doesnt make it through an entire game without looking like a manic, trying to jump our of his shoes.

    Boller gets a C, Billick gets his 10th F of the season ....

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    Re: Boller Report card?

    Boller gets a C.

    F for the first half, B+/A for the second half.

    As good as he was in the second half...he was god-awful in the first.

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    Re: Boller Report card?

    I've about given up on him ever being a big-time qb in the NFL, but he's certainly our best option now.
    best qbing we've had all season?

    (congrats on first thread; as my nephew would say, 'it didn't suck'.)
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    Re: Boller Report card?

    This game sums up Boller pretty well,hot and cold,hot and cold.

    A mark of a good QB is staying calm in the pocket,reading defenses,always looking downfield.

    Now Boller did not have much of a pocket to stand tall in,but on the few occassions he did in the first half, he rushed his throw. He has a poor read of the blitz,where it is coming from,and how to handle it when it does get through the pass protection.

    And just when we were all about to do something bad to ourselves, Bollers good side came out to play in the 2nd half. The protection started to hold a little longer,Boller looked downfield and attacked what the Browns defense gave him. The WR's seemed to try harder to get open for Kyle.

    I'll take the on off electricity charge to our offense to the usual flatlining.
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    Re: Boller Report card?

    I give him a C+ for the day. "F" for the first half, an "A" for the second half. I am giving him the "+", because he kept us in the game, and he took a beating because the "O" line was so bad.

    Kyle is still our best option at QB for the rest of the year.

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    Re: Boller Report card?

    Quote Originally Posted by sailorsam View Post
    I've about given up on him ever being a big-time qb in the NFL, but he's certainly our best option now.
    best qbing we've had all season?

    (congrats on first thread; as my nephew would say, 'it didn't suck'.)
    Yes and Yes.

    Go for it XMRadio!

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    Re: Boller Report card?

    It's very hard to judge Boller when he took so many big hits yesterday, but you can compare him to how he look to 2 or 3 years ago.

    Happy Feet: Much calmer than several years ago still needs to step up in the pocket to avoid the rush. Doesn't try to escape into the waiting arm of a defensive end anymore. Also keep in mind all QB's get happy feet when they are spending a lot of time on the carpet. Just watch Manning now that his line is not holding up like it used too.

    Ability to stay calm: I noticed he his much calmer than compared to 2 years ago doesnt seem to nearly as jumpy. May be due to maturity or the McNair helping him to understand the game better.

    Accuracy: better than it was but still comes and goes. One thing is for sure he has a gun for an arm.

    Is he a starter: I think we have to let the rest of the season play out before anyome makes up thier mind. But one thing to keep in mind look around the league the quarterback position is pretty thin right now. Things could be a lot worst.

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    Re: Boller Report card?

    I am in the same boat. I will take a wait and see attitude. He proved himself in the second half. We need consistency at that position though. Also, help from the receivers and most importantly... PROTECTION, PROTECTION, PROTECTION!

    I am not one and never have been one to call for Bollers release. He has always proved to be a good/competent backup QB. Hopefully the cobwebs are shaken off and he will continue to play as well as he did in the second half.

    With the playoffs all but out of the picture and a very tough schedule coming up, I look forward to seeing what he can do for the remainder of the season or as long as he is a starter.
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

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    Re: Boller Report card?


    D for the first half. O-line did not help him at all. The CLE defense had 5 sacks I believe going into the game. Boller was under pressure the majority of the game. I was impressed how he maintained his composure and brought us back in the second half.

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    Re: Boller Report card?

    He's a rhythm QB who plays much better in the no huddle....we should play to that strength.

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    Re: Boller Report card?

    I'll go with the C+. He certainly had his share of crap in the 1st half. But the second half looked different. He looked different and he took control of the offense. Perhaps he didn't have that control in the 1st half and decided enough was enough.

    A couple of things though:

    Pocket awareness is much better than some are giving him credit for. In those scoring drives Boller got rid of the ball knowing someone was coming. It wasn't hard to see the blitz, and many times Boller handled it in the 2nd half very well. The dude took a mighty beating and didn't crumble.

    To be under pressure all game from the worst defense in the league tells me the offensive line needs to shoulder a LOT of blame for this.

    Ball-tapping: Yeah, I still don't like that. I see 4-5 QB's still doing that and it bugs me to no end.

    Happy feet: I didn't see any of that. It's hard to when he's getting his ass kicked on the field all day. You can't have happy feet when you can't even set your feet to throw.

    All you people still saying he's not the QB of the future and hoping we draft a QB next year, be careful what you wish for. As we waste a 1st round pick on that QB, and our offensive line stays crappy, that next QB will take the same punishment and eventually will either be injured or will get beaten so bad we think he's a bust.


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