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    Re: The Offensive Line

    UK, I hope you're right. :ihope:

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Not to mention Odgen. Odgen was absolutely terrible today! He seemed like he was totally disinterested in the game. He'd let his man blow by him to hit Boller, and then he'd bitch and complain on the field.

    I liked this offensive line better when it was Terry and Yanda on the outside.
    Me too bro! Terry and Yanda were way better than Ogden and Terry Terry is a very good left tackle, but he just isn't a right tackle Now Mr. Ogden is another story I remember when Boller first started in his first few years, Ogden did an "ole" move on quite a few occasions And when Boller went down, Ogden rolled his eyes and walked right by him, not helping him up... Not team if you ask me...To me, Ogden looks very un-interested in blocking.. I remember when Boller first started, and Ogden was interviewed about Boller's play, he would make a noise with his teeth and say he's learning, with a smile

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    Re: The Offensive Line

    I guess we will find out this week how good or bad the o line is. I beleive that the chargers are going to blitz kyle alot i am thinking 25 to 30 times in the game. If the o line lets kyle down we are going to be in for a long long day. I watched gaither in his days at maryland and the only problem i seen was he had some trouble reconizing when the blitz was comming on his side. When he seen it he did very well and he is going to be a great addition to this line as he matures. I am not a jo hater but i would rather see him sit then loose to only qb we have that gives us a chance to win. I have been a kyle fan and i thinnk he has gotten a bad rap because of the o line not protecting him.


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