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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    If Billick remains coach after this season, I expect Boller to get a shot to beat McNair in training camp. If another coach comes in, they might be open to giving Boller a chance, but more likely they're going to want "their guy" straight out of the draft.

    Boller's best chance at remaining with this team is for McNair to suffer a more serious injury. With our offensive line, it's a very real possibility. I'd hate to see McNair injured (or Boller injured, as we have zero depth at QB if either happens), but at this point I'll take anyone who wins.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    I will go on record here and now and unequivicably state that abolutely, positively, no other coach in the NFL would start Kyle Boller on his football team.
    You go right ahead on record. You would be unequivocally wrong. Plain and simple.

    Oh, and Harrington right now is starting for Miami. I'm sure that you knew this.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    If Billick remains coach after this season, I expect Boller to get a shot to beat McNair in training camp.
    I think that depends on how McNair plays the rest of the season. As several of us has pointed out on this board, McNair, aside from a couple of drives, has really not played that great so far. If he resembles the McNair we saw in Tennessee from this point forward, then there will not be a competition next year. But if he continues to struggle, then Boller certainly should have an opportunity to win the starting job next year. In fact, if McNair continues to struggle, there's an outside chance that Boller might take over THIS YEAR.

    My preference would be for McNair to get better, because I don't think a QB controversy would do the team much good. And before someone reminds me, yes, I know we had a QB change in our Super Bowl year, and that worked out pretty well. But we've already had some controversy this season with Fassel getting run out, players complaining, and so on, so I don't think a QB debate would be good.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Quote Originally Posted by Art-Florida View Post
    Go back to his time at Cal. Tom Holmoe got one of the best QB prospects to come out of California in half a decade and preceeded to destroy his college career. The only time Boller even got anything resembling a chance in college was with Tedford's arrival in Boller's last season. The season preceeding that I believe Cal went 1-10. Then Tedford came in, and Boller was one of the best QB's on the west coast instantly but still it was only one season of quality work in his entire college career after basically working in a joke offense with a joke coach the previous three years. That would explain why his learning curve might be a bit long, much like KRob, if you only really have one season of quality college experience, you're probably gonna be a bit behind the curve.
    I had to check that out and sure seems like Tom Holmoe was a disaster to say the least, link, link, link.

    I mean (2001):
    Tom Holmoe today is not the same man who was hastily offered and took his first head coaching job on a cold day in January nearly five years ago. He didn't quite know what what he was getting into, and there were times when he didn't know what he was doing.
    I rest my case.

    Some humor just to highlight how bad he was, link, link

    Story about Jeff Tedford and what he found once he took over at Cal. He seems like a great coach but only coached Boller in his final year, link

    Has anyone seen any interviews where Boller has talked about Tom Holmoe and the coaching he received, or as it would seem, never received?

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Tedford's QB's haven't exactly lit the league on fire.

    Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Akili Smith, A.J. Feeley and Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers.

    Dilfer was a major bust in TB and is mediocre at best.

    Carr is showing some signs in his 4th year. He's been behind one of the worst lines ever since coming into the league.

    Not much to say about Smith.

    The Dolphins found out how overrated Feeley was when they dealt a 2nd rounder for him.

    Harrington was a nightmare in Detroit and is now starting for Miami after Culpepper went down.

    Boller is Boller. We all have our opinions on him.

    Rodgers is unknown so far.

    Seems to me that Tedford is a great college QB coach. His QBs haven't exactly translated their college successes to the NFL.


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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Yes, you are wrong. Way, and how. It's just that plain and simple.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Some of that PP is also a product of the system these QB's have gone to. Much like some of us believe that's been Boller's hinderance, you can see that in other teams too.

    Harrington. When Harrington left Detroit, a change in QB and that team STILL sucks. Jon Kitna FINALLY eeked out a game there, and they have #1 draft picks at WR all the way around. Now Harrington is at Miami and the fans want him to stay the starter.

    Texans - Exactly as you said. If any team in the league actually had a worse OL than us, it's them. And to show you how bad that team really is, they picked 1st and passed up both Reggie Bush and more importantly D'Brickashaw Ferguson to draft a defensive end. Lot of good that did them so far.

    Bengals - Joke of the league until Marvin Lewis arrived. Actually more of a joke than the Detroit Lions were if you could believe that.

    As for Dilfer, he's always been a backup at best. He's a backup with a Super Bowl ring, nothing more. Given the job in Cleveland and lost it before the year was up.

    Aaron Rodgers is quite the ? of the group. No one know's how he'll fair when it's all said and done. At this point he has to be better than Favre is right now. That team has too much loyalty to Brett to ever let Rodgers see the green of the field as long as Favre wants to play.

    Coincidence that some of these teams sucked offensively before and after Tedford QB's (minus Cincy)? Even the Ravens.......

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Sorry, the minute to admitted to not actually watching games, you lost all credibility to have any kind of discussion with me.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Because I[ve answered your question in 2 other forums. And if you can't read the rest of the threads, then you don't understand the answer.

    And again, I don't know what games you have and haven't watched now, so your credibility to talk about any QB play is shot. I could care less about your cable package. Most of us watch every Ravens game. If I'm not sitting in my seat in 515, it's on my TV. If I didn't live in Baltimore, I'd use Sunday Ticket like I do to watch other teams play.

    Discussion closed.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    So Tex doesn't actually watch most of the games? That explains a lot.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Quote Originally Posted by Tex Ritter View Post
    However, I could literally write a 10 page dissertation about why Boller will never make it as an NFL starting QB
    I think you HAVE done that, many times over. And it's always the same thing.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Quote Originally Posted by purplepoe View Post
    Tedford's QB's haven't exactly lit the league on fire.

    Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Akili Smith, A.J. Feeley and Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers.
    Say what you want about the quality of play...but all of those guys, except Smith, have jobs in the NFL.

    Name one other school/coach that has 6 QBs currently playing pro ball.

    I just don't want to let this guy leave without giving him another shot.
    Agree Greg....I still think that Boller has a future in the NFL.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    Maybe I cannot afford the Sunday ticket as I am retired and living on a fixed income? Do you honestly think I would not watch the game if I had any kind of opportunity to do so?
    Might I suggest a local sports bar that has the ticket.

    Please, as noted, we have read your dissertation and 10 pages was just the introduction. Unfortunately after .3 pages the rest of the thesis is the same old thing ad nauseum. And if you ask, no, I don't read a lot of your takes. That one I just quoted, the part quoted is as far as I got.

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    Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    and if a bar does't work for you, might I suggest swapping your ISP for direct'll see every game can figure out the rest....

    I seem to remember you touting about how great a QB Ramsey was going to be (might have been interspersed with the Suggs is a bust threads)....more proof of your "football" knowledge....Boller is more than just a back-up and he'll prove that here or somewhere else .....

    football is a 3d game that is best viewed in person and not through a little 2d box in your room...

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    Thumbs down Re: Redskin fans want Boller

    incompetent Boller has been

    That makes me laugh! The biggest passing offense we've seen since .............. Boller's last game! Meanwhile, we've got a $33 million bust who can't make a simple fade pass, insufficient arm strenth to zip beyond 20 yards, who has fumbled & stumbled repeatedly and now has 8 INTs.

    Now who the term "incomptent" more closely describe?


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