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Thread: Impressive?

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    Re: Impressive?

    oh go blow it out your ass Hw. you can take your thanksgiving wishes and stick them up your coolu. I don't want any fake holiday wishes from a person who doesn't have the balls to say what he feels and has to censor himself. what a phoney bloney poster.
    WOW! I feel so fortunate that the Ravens did what they had to do to make this happen. Thank you. My Heart is with the Raven....My Heart is with Baltimore and its great fans. What can I say. Here We Go!!! --Ray Lewis
    No, Thank you Ray... :ww:

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    Re: Impressive?

    How in the hell did this thread come to this? How stupid was I to think we could have a serious conversation about the performance of Kyle Boller during the Cleveland game? But no we have to get on here and bash each other. Get into stupid arguments with people who post completely off subject. Some of the people on here are just pathetic.

    Can a mod please lock this thread!

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    Re: Impressive?

    It seems like a lot of threads over here in the QB forum tend to get off-track.

    Boller did seem like two different QBs from half to half. I'm hoping we see the 2nd half version this Sunday in San Diego.
    "I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused" - Elvis Costello



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