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    Re: Q&A for Aaron Wilson. Post here.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrUnk View Post
    Obviously Billick is desperate. Are we going to see a wide open offense, or the same vanilla stuff we're used to?
    Yes, it's obvious he's desperate, seeing as how his team is in first place.

    But I do agree that something is wrong. Here's my question -- is the reported complaining from players somewhat legitimate, or is this just the same complaints from players that take place elsewhere? I'm referring to offensive linemen and running backs whining that we don't run enough, and WRs complaining we don't pass enough. This happens with a lot of teams. Right now, Vick is complaining in Atlanta that they don't pass enough. So is there really anything unique about the player gripes here?

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    Re: Q&A for Aaron Wilson. Post here.

    Aaron, my question is regarding the second round picks of recent drafts (Edwards, Cody, Terry & Chester). It's not unrealistic to expect a contribution from your second rounders from day one, yet Edwards is the only one of these four who is even playing and he's barely playing at that. So why aren't we seeing more of them? Just not very good? Billick's reluctance to play younger players, especially offensive lineman? Something else?

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    Re: Q&A for Aaron Wilson. Post here.

    OK, that was like pulling teeth :)

    Anyway, I'll let Aaron answer these and we should be having a chat on Wednesday or Thursday evening.
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