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    D-Line Substitutions vs. Carolina 10/15

    Another interesting day for the D-Line. Of the 72 (includes 4 accepted penalties, excludes 2 kneels) defensive plays, the snaps by player were:
    Bannan: 9
    Edwards: 10
    Franklin: 10
    Gregg: 53
    Johnson: 26
    Ngata: 40
    Pryce: 61
    Stills: 1
    Suggs: 64
    Some observations:
    1. Ngata again played well. The Panthers had just 30 yards on 18 carries (1.7) while he was in. For the season, the D-Line look pretty similar, with Ngata at 2.6 YPC, lowest of the heavies. I do not count kneel downs in this total, which makes it all the more impressive. Ngata even was used in a few long yardage situations where the Ravens had only 3 heavies in the game. His 40 snaps were 5 more than his previous high.
    2. Kelly Gregg had a superb game with 8 tackles and a FF. He is now tied with Vonnie Holliday of the Jets for the most tackles by any DT in the NFL.
    3. For much of the game, Gregg was used as 1 of 3 heavies in passing situations. That job had previously been Jarrett Johnson's (with Suggs and Pryce). The Gregg/Pryce/Suggs team was used for 9 snaps.
    4. The goal line stand on Carolina's 2nd drive was a ting of D-Line substitution beauty. By Down, we had:
    1st and goal at the 2: Gregg, Ngata, Johnson, Pryce
    2nd and goal at the 2: Bannan, Franklin, Gregg, Johnson, Ngata, Suggs
    3rd and goal at the 1: Back to the base defense of Gregg, Ngata, Pryce, Suggs

    I upgraded my spreadshet to calculate Yards per run and pass for each heavy both by game, and for the season. The season totals (snaps/YP run/YP pass) are:
    Bannan: 104/2.8/8.3
    Edwards: 39/2.8/7.7
    Franklin: 59/2.6/5.2
    Gregg: 256/2.8/6.7
    Johnson: 190/2.6/4.9
    Ngata: 171/2.6/5.8
    Pryce: 292/2.9/5.0
    Stills: 9/1.0/5.5
    Suggs: 309/2.9/5.2

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions vs. Carolina 10/15

    Thanks FilmStudy, Ngata is doing exactly what we thought he would. Its not flashy and he might not get to many probowls but he is the key to our entire D.

    Although as great as Ngata is, I am a bit bummed Leinart didn't fall to us. At least we didn't pass on him though like the Raiders.

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions vs. Carolina 10/15

    Great breakdown & information. For all the time Pryce & Suggs were on the field, they were both very quiet on Sunday.

    My youngest son Kyle w/ Michael Phelps after the Browms game 12/24/11

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    Re: D-Line Substitutions vs. Carolina 10/15

    I'd like to see them rotate players more. I'm a little worried that fatigue could become an issue later in the season, especially if the offense continues to struggle.

    Thanks for posting the breakdown.


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