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Thread: 2008 Ravens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Best player available, every round, every time.

    But until we see how the season plays out this is a waste of time. Boller is the lynch pin, if he falters we will be at least looking to trade up and get a top QB. If he pans out and proves to be a viable NFL starter then things change completely.

    But you go BPA always, you try and adjust your draft position via trades to meet need, not reach. If the player you need it a late first rounder and you are at 12 you trade back and pick him later. If you really want that QB who will probably go top 10 and he is worth it, you trade up from where ever you are and bite the bullet.

    But again, until we know what we need this is a premature conversation.

    I can't believe I'm almost in agreement with you, two days in a row.

    The tweak though would be that this offseason we would be facing a rebuild, but it should be very limited in the number of positions. I would think that, assuming Boller plays adequately, they would go BPA, but limited to BPA among several positions. Certainly the the CB and DE positions, maybe reach into WRs and lower round QBs. If Boller stinks, a 1st round QB (unless there were another Drew Brees situation and the FO -- this time -- chose the better FA).

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    Maybe my brain is littered with Grand Marnier resin, but I think it would be very unusual for a team to go back-to-back drafts picking up a QB. Granted, we got Smith late and anything can happen between now and February, but if Smith is filling a valuable role by then, I cant see the Ravens picking up another QB .....

    ... Unless we totally lay a steaming pile the rest of the season and finish 4-12
    I don't think so. Troy Smith was a throwaway pick last season. A longshot gamble that they could cash in on a #5 round. Even if he makes the team next season, I don't think the FO views him as a serious candidate to take over at the helm.

    I would not be surprised to see the Ravens choose two QBs next season, one via the draft (high to low round depending on Boller's performance), and a vet FA or a walk-on undrafted FA to compete with Smith.
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    Re: 2008 Ravens

    It all depends on Kyle.

    If Kyle doesn't show he is the guy, then we will have a top 5-10 pick, and we would have a shot at Brohm, Ryan or Woodson...and you'd almost have to take one of them.

    If he shows he is the guy, we should have a mid first round pick, and BPA...There isn't a position on our team besides maybe safety and RB that I don't think could use some first round help.

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    Re: 2008 Ravens

    With Rolle having a sickness that must be god awful (Not trying to make fun of it) and C-Mac soon to be past his prime I think it logical to go after a CB. The guys behind these two are either old (Ivy) or terrible (Pittman and Martin)

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    Re: 2008 Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by Rayvens52 View Post
    I disagree a little. This year is one of the most QB packed drafts in years. Even at 14 we would have some good options at QB if that is the way they want to go. I still it is to early to decide which way we will go, but i always think you should draft bpa.
    I guess my thinking is that at 14, Woodson, Brohm, and Ryan should be gone simply based on the needs of teams likely to be worse than 14...Bears, Dolphins, Vikings, Falcons....hell, maybe even the Panthers in there if they get scared about Delhomme.

    I'm not sure there is anyone else worth taking around that slot in the draft at the moment...maybe bowl season and the combine might change my mind.

    My point about QBs is that they're ALWAYS going to be overvalued or a reach because a QB can make a bad or mediocre team decent to great.

    Lots of time, we'll see what happens. For all I know, Boller could suddenly play like Tom Brady and the Ravens win the Super Bowl from the wildcard slot out of nowhere.


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