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    Wink Re: remember to keep this in mind

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    Doesn't Billick realize we weren't Booing McNair, but Billick, for keeping him in? McNair can't pull himself... what would any fan think if he did?... No, Billick was the target of the boos, the only way we could voice our displeasure with BB, since he was on the sidelines!:insane:
    First, since I wasn't booing, please narrow the term "we". How about instead say "us boo-birds".

    Second ... how does Billick, or McNair, know who is the object of their boos? Y'all boo-birds didn't state "Boo to Billick". You just booed.
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    Re: remember to keep this in mind

    I didn't boo either, but certainly unleashed an expletive or two when the turnovers occurred.
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    Re: remember to keep this in mind

    I think the reason people "Boo" is because they find the quality of the work on the field unacceptable. It doesn't make the players feel better; it's like punishment from the fans. Unfortunately, it's a form of communication and since the fans pay the players salary, they are entitled to voice their displeasure. That's just the way it is.

    The same goes when people leave the stadium early. They leave because they have lost "hope" that we will win the game. Fans pay to see football and they have the right to exercise their options.

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    Re: remember to keep this in mind

    I simply believe that the players feel worse than the fans do about their performance, and so need the support, rather than the rejection of their fans. In other words, they know they suck; they don't need the fans reinforcing this feeling.


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