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Thread: Jamal

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    Re: Jamal

    i am a little torn on this whole thing. I don't think i will cheer for himor boo for him. I will say if they introduce the browns O i will say SUCKS though. I am glad he was here and did all he did for this team, and i think BB shafted him a little, but he never should have said the stuff he did. I just hope we win, and I don't see a washed up Jamal being the reason we don't.
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    Re: Jamal

    If anything we should be screaming "SUCKS" when our offense is announced...LOL

    But yeah, Jamal pulled his weight here when he was healthy and helped us hoist that Lombardi as a rook, so he deserves my respect.

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    Re: Jamal

    After the hate of Jamals words and seeing him in a clown uniform. I grew respect for him after watching quite a few tough runs by him while in that Browns uniform. And the memory of the great Jamal and his tough running as a Raven came flooding back.

    I am at peace with Jamal,and have respect for him as an NFL RB.
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    Re: Jamal

    Jamal gave us the best years of his football career here in Baltimore. I have no problem with him.

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    Re: Jamal

    I was never the biggest Jamal fan but it is impossible not to appreciate what he did for this team. Years 2000 and 2003 were some of the best football I have ever seen and he was a big part of that.


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