I posted this on scout, and I'll say it here. We all gotta have some hope here. It seems that the end of our Geriatric Senior QB experiment has come.

Here's where we have some hope: if we can beat the browns at home, San Diego is a very vulnerable team if we can stop LT (which we did last year).

If you didn't hear, Dwight Freeney might be out for season, and is at least out for our game. Likewise, it looks like they are HURT at WR with gonzales and harrison nicked up, and Aaron Moorehead is a bum and Reggie Wayne is SOFT (doesn't attack the ball)

If we can get back C-Mac and/or Samari Rolle we might have a chance.

I have the patriots game as a loss, obviously.

What it comes down to is, does Boller give us any spark?

To me, just seeing him look downfield to connect with Mark Clayton (he exists again?) is a plus. I think there's some hope.

He's to being optimistic for a 9-7 season.