Boller at QB will improve the offense, if plays are called to take advantage of his arm and his mobility (rollouts, for example.) Like every QB, he'll make some mistakes. I'm hoping that the fans don't turn on him again if he commits one or two turnovers. He'll be facing some tough teams - we need to see if he plays smart, limits mistakes, and leads us to TDs as well as field goals, even if we lose some of those games (for example, even if CMac plays, he won't be close to 100%, and QBs, especially Manning and Brady, will try to take advantage of our weakness in the secondary. If they score 30+ points, that would be tough for any QB to match, especially considering our o-line has not done a great job of pass protection this season. The old Boller would force passes into coverage when pressured - we'll see if the new Boller continues to throw the ball away or take the sack.)

It will also help if our defense remembers how to force turnovers in our remaining games. Last season, it forced 60. This season, very few.