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    Re: Implications of a new coach

    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleguy View Post
    Say we fire Billick. what players have to go as well?

    I don't see how a new coach could deal with an ego like Ray Lewis. He was on the radio last night talking about "his" secondary. I thought Ray was a player on a team and a linebacker at that. Since when did he take ownership of the secondary. Ray Lewis undermines the coach. You can't have that with a new guy.

    A new coach is going to have to bring these guys together as a team and I think our defense has considered themselves another team within the team.

    Billick has let the veterans pretty much do their thing. A new coach can't do that. I think alot of guys on this team think they want a new coach, but may be in for a rude awakening if we get one.
    Now, would you want a defensive captain not to think of the defense as "his"?
    He may have a large ego, but that statement doesn't prove that, and I wouldn't want him to think any other way!

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    Re: Implications of a new coach

    Quote Originally Posted by ravenjoe View Post
    Make that two!
    Include me OUT!! No Spittle for me! I'm trying to quit!

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    Re: Implications of a new coach

    Ok, I will throw in my two cents...

    Coach: In an ideal world, fire Billick after next week's loss, hire Rex Ryan as interim coach. If Ryan finishes the season well, keep him. If he doesn't, let him go next year and bring in an outside guy (I am thinking a Tomlin type) to shake things up ala this year's Steelers. The saddest thing in this scenario is losing a great coach in Ryan but he most likely wouldn't be willing to work under a new guy if he didn't get the head coaching job (and understandably so)... alas Billick got an extension last year and will probably be back next year sans play-calling duties...

    QB: McNair's going to retire, I think we all agree on this. However, regardless of Boller's performance for the rest of the season, we need to draft our QB of the future in 2008. Let him play behind Boller Week 1 next year and work his way into the line-up when appropriate (Boller injury, Boller struggles, etc).

    Mason: Let him do what he wants. If he returns, fine, he is still a great player. If not, move up the young guys.

    Ogden/Flynn: It will be their decision, but I see Ogden almost definitely retiring, and probably his friend Flynn will go with him. However, we don't know Chester is the answer, so having Flynn around another year would be nice...

    Secondary: Resign Ivy... he isn't expensive and is a great team guy. Rolle will probably retire assuming this illness is serious. Our big free agent acquisition this year should be a solid CB to replace Rolle. On a side note, I thought we spent too much money on McGahee last year. I believe money should be spent on O-Line, D-Line, QB, one great WR and two good CB's. The rest is fairly easily stocked via the draft, especially with our scouting system.

    DE: Need another good DE to rotate in with Suggs/Pryce and protect us against future Pryce-like injuries... let Dwan go and draft/sign a DE... and resign Suggs (we may get him cheap after this season)!

    Ray Lewis: What happens with Ray will depend on a million factors. Two biggest ones are... (1) How he finishes up the season attitude/leadership-wise and (2) Do we bring in a new coach who becomes worried about conflicting with the 'face of the franchise' and seeks to push him aside. Otherwise, it's Ray's call. Despite what some people say, he is still a great LB.

    Front Office: Anyone blaming Ozzie/DeCosta for our problems this year is insane and proof passionate fans can lose basic reasoning skills when their team struggles.

    Summary: I really think this whole blow-up the entire team thing is an over-reaction. Overall we are not an old team. We have a lot of young players, a couple old players, and not much in the middle, meaning their will be change as with any off-season; but the goal in the modern era is to keep the window of opportunity open, not to just blow-up the team anytime a couple games don't go your way... but that said, please fire Billick...

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    Wink Re: Implications of a new coach

    Quote Originally Posted by tjameson52 View Post
    QB: McNair's going to retire, I think we all agree on this.
    I doubt that McNair retires, to give back $6+ million in signing bonus. Perhaps there would be a settlement with the Ravens to mitigate the cap impact, but a simple McNair retirement, with a swing of $10+ million (salary + bonus refund) seems unlikely to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by tjameson52 View Post
    However, regardless of Boller's performance for the rest of the season, we need to draft our QB of the future in 2008.

    If Boller consistently lights up the scoreboard [please stop laughing!!!!], hopefully the FO doesn't expend a high draft pick on a QB, given so many other needs. Two CBs and a speed rusher DE for beginners, a burner WR, more LBs to replace the injured Smiths as later round picks.

    What if Boller and the WRs regain the touch that they displayed in the December 2005 night games? Over a seven game stretch, they could get into a groove. If so, we should have our starter for 2008, and he would be relatively youthful, obviating the temptation to invest a high pick.

    Not that another QB wouldn't be added -- it could even be two to promote competition for Troy Smith (who may not be held in as high esteem as a bona fide NFL QB prospect by the coaching staff as by the FO and many fans). But free agency and/or low round picks or walk-on undrafted FAs may be the source(s).

    And if a reasonable retirement settlement can be reached with McNair, and Ogden & Rolle are cleared off the payroll, there could be some walking around cap money to invest in the QB position rather than the high draft position crapshoot.
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    Re: Implications of a new coach

    (I am thinking a Tomlin type) to shake things up ala this year's Steelers.
    I was thinking the very same thing the other day.

    Cowher had won his superbowl and had come to the end of his reign with the Steelers.The words would fall flat.He saw it,and smartly decided the time was right not to continue on and flog a dead horse. Tomlin has been like a breath of fresh air for the Steelers.Even I am impressed how this guy conducts his business,and talks to the media and players.

    A new coach a new staff and a new approach,if the players do not fit the new mentality,its simple they are gone.Tiomeframe sooner rather than later, because if this listlessness continues things are going to deteriorate.And the fanbase will take the hit in the long run [it always does].

    The best case scenario is Billick to get this ship back on an even keel.But I feel the damage has been done.And the Captain of the ship cannot find his way to the bridge.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Implications of a new coach

    The "if not Billick, then who" question is a total copout. If it's not clear to everybody now that Billick sucks then I welcome you to 3 more years of his horrible scheme and poor playcalling. Sometimes just a new person w/ a diff outlook, scheme, etc. can make a big diff. Stop looking for the next Bill Belichick.

    I would be fine w/ Rex Ryan, but would prefer somebody from outside the org.


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    Re: Implications of a new coach

    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleguy View Post
    Sorry, but I don't see Rex as being the needed change. If anything I think we'd see less discipline under Rex. He's a jolly fellow and probably alot of fun to play for. That's not what this team needs.

    Put me in as a Cowher guy. I'm a huge Billick fan, and always will be, but I think he's lost the team. The vets run the show, and Billick's message is stale with them. It's a shame, because I think alot of these circumstances are beyond Billick's control. It's hard to bench a QB making the money McNair is making with an all-pro history, and that was a call by the FO. Last year Billick did well calling the plays. I still think he calls a decent game (with the exception of 3 pass plays for 1 yard in Buffalo) but the execution isn't there. The inmates run the asylum and the inmates seem to have the ear of the FO more so than the coach.
    Rex Ryan is not as jolly as some think when things are not going right, Rex has called out players behind the scenes. Remember he is Buddys son...

    Rick Neuheisel is a good offensive coach, if he would ever get the chance to coach. Rick is being handcuffed by Billick.

    Rex and Rick would give this team a fresh look without losing our defensive identity.


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