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    Thank You DEFENSE.

    What a game these guys played. On the field for 35 minutes, defending short field after short field, with guys in the secondary who are 2nd and 3rd string...they kept Cincy and that trio of receivers out of the end zone.


    A special thanks goes out to Ed Reed, who played when he probably shouldn't have (and wasn't expected to). Derrick Martin, way to redeem yourself. Corey Ivy, you are a battler. And how about #44 who was making his first appearance in an NFL game...

    The offense is pathetic but these defenders are special

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    Re: Thank You DEFENSE.

    could not have been said any better, and they are the only reason we are 4-5 and not 0-9, thak god bmore knows how to play defense
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    Re: Thank You DEFENSE.

    Exactly,and how many times has this been said? Or needs to be said?

    Thank you defense for standing tall everytime your own offense or special teams slapped you in the face.

    You go into every game in the knowledge that it is always up to you to get the win.Thank you for all your effort countless times.Whether you come through or not,you fought like Lions.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.


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