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    Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    Yesterday late in the 4th quarter and fans were starting to boo a lot but ,there still was enough time to win if we could have got it going. SPORTS STEVE got up to lead one last rally in the Russell Street side of the stadium up front by the railing getting the Raven fans fired up one last time. A lot of people had almost stopped any cheering for the team SPORTS STEVE woke them up. It appeared almost that the entire endzone was up on their feet cheering only to have the play go bad.

    Man I just don't know where he gets his energy to wear all those beads which I hear is 49 lbs. now along with his famous Ravens robe which cost him over $ 800 to make and continue to stay in the game and try to get Raven fans fired up game after game.

    SPORTS STEVE is a real credit to our city and team. No matter how the season turns out I know he will be there game after game trying to make our team and fans look good. Leaving it was real nice to see Raven fans walking up to him thanking him for trying. What a great guy he is. He has been to every Baltimore home game since 1956 that's amazing.

    Thanks SPORTS STEVE you're the man

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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    I couldn't agree more...we could all learn something from Steve about loyalty and apply it to all walks of life...thank you Steve!

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    Wink Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    Steve in many ways is the Ravens fan equivalent of the Big Wheel or Wild Bill Hagy. But better dressed.
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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    The guy never gives up hope. he is better than many "fans". He can always see the silver lining to any cloud. It all comes down to : At least we have a team in Baltimore. I was a small kid when the colts left. I guess I kind of take the Ravens for granted at times.

    Booing however, I think is ok to an extent. I think fans should be allowed to voice their displeasure. That is part of being a fan. Let's be honest, it is tough NOT to boo right now.
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    I'm glad I know Steve, he is a proud member of Ravens Roost 18, and so am I.
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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    Way to be Sports Steve!

    Like i've said all along ...
    If you break the rules you can't make the rules.
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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    Sports Steve is THE MAN...

    Fans that boo their team don't impress me.

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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    I do not think they are worried about impressing you.
    I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    They should, however, be better fans and not booing assholes...

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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    We just love Sports Steve no matter what the Ravens do he is always behind this team. He always gets to his section over 1 hour before game time. Many fans request pictures with him both inside and outside the stadium he NEVER turns any fan away. All this guy wants to do is promote Ravens football and try to get the fans into the game. His oufit is truly outstanding and all original. He now makes his own custom beads. Like Real Fan Dan keeps saying SPORTS STEVE should be in the fans section of the Hall Of Fame.

    SPORTS STEVE promotes many charity events. Like this year he is a Super Plunger for the 2008 Maryland Polar Bear Plunge. Super Plungers start on Friday before the actual plunge and make a plunge every hour on the hour for 24 straight hours oh a Super Plunger must raise $ 10,000 for the Special Olympics. Talk about a great person man Baltimore is blessed to have him on our side. Hey if you see Sports Steve at a game say hi and shake his hand. He is ALWAYS THERE FOR THIS TEAM / The RAVENS
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    Re: Here Here to SPORTS STEVE

    Sports Steve signing autograph for a young fan at the Browns game.
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