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    Re: What time is it?

    Wifey and I are prepping to leave for the stadium soon. I can't think of a more must-win game than this one.

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    Re: What time is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    I can't think of a more must-win game than this one.
    Three weeks ago against the Bills, and last week against the Squeelers to name but a few.

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    Re: What time is it?

    time for a division win finally. Let's go 4-0 at the nest.

    Bring it!!

    P.S. someone keep a eye on Henry.

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    Re: What time is it?

    Not to throw water on the fire, but WNST is reporting Ed Reed is out for this game, and now McAlister is listed as doubtful. Just about our entire secondary is going to be made of the JV squad this week.

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    Re: What time is it?

    The Bengals are 0-4 on the road this season, and we are 3-0 at home. If we lose this one, the party's over.

    And with such a depleted secondary, we could easily lose. But if we manage to pull out a win with all these injuries, it will be a reason to celebrate.


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