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    Who you looking forward too watching.

    Here we go a fresh ol' season closing in.We got our Ravens to soak up all our love.But what other player/players from another team be it a rookie,free agent vet,or a vet you always like watching every season.Who will you be keeping your eye on in 06.

    Pretty easy choice for me in the rookie department,Reggie Bush. I really want to see this guy translate what he did at USC,to the NFL.I just love watching runningbacks with their own moves and styles.And Reggie has a bunch.I will
    be keeping my eyes firmly focused on how they use this kid,and how many times.

    Steve Smith Panthers.This is a WR who does it on the field.And has that nasty attitude,but one I respect more than Chad Johnson's Mr Showman.
    Can he keep building on being the No1 WR.His moves are insane.

    Vet Free Agent would have to Duante Culpepper for me.Can he shake all those bad vibes from the Vikings days.He has the pressure of finally giving the Dolphins a QB with a big arm since Marino.He has Chris Chambers and Randy McMichael to throw to.And Ronnie Brown to help Culpepper on the ground when times are hard.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Who you looking forward too watching.

    Reggie Bush as well. But NOT against us! I'll be seeing that game live, so that's when I want our D to shut him down.
    I'm also interested to see if AJ Hawk will live up to his hype as the next big thing in linebackers.

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    Cool Re: Who you looking forward too watching.

    As far as the rookies go, I am interested in seeing Reggie Bush, and Cutler (if he ends up playing). I forgot about AJ Hawk, so add him to the list as well.

    Also, I am always interested in watching former RAVENS players as well to see how they do with their new teams.

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    Re: Who you looking forward too watching.

    I think everyone is looking forward to watching Reggie Bush. I'm also looking forward to watching Mario Williams. Maybe he can show everyone why he was drafted 1st overall.


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