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Thread: Mark Clayton

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    Re: Mark Clayton

    Quote Originally Posted by lance1086 View Post
    How many balls has he caught on 3rd downs, or game winning drives this year??

    sorry lance. i guess you did not have the time to read the next sentence after the one you quoted. you know, the one where i said:

    he has caught some this year though and so he will get a pass for now.

    so fast to hit those cool little emoticons, not so quick to read an entire post and respond.

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    Re: Mark Clayton

    Quote Originally Posted by ladyraven127 View Post
    You know, this thread touches on something I've been wondering about for a while now. Why is it that our recievers can't seem to get open and and help out whoever is behind the center?

    It has to be coaching. I can't tell you how delighted I was when we got rid of what's his face last year (receivers coach . . . what was his name?) because of this. Now I'm seeing the same thing again.

    What gives?
    It's because the line is awful and the qb has no time. Why do you think every qb that has been here has been awful?


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