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    Mock trending year 2?

    Hey all, I'm planning on doing the mock-trending again this year if all of you are interested.

    When would be a good time to start doing this?
    • right at the end of the 16 game season
    • soon as mcnair fumbled the first series
    • yesterday
    • after the superbowl

    Let me know and I'll start compiling some statistics.

    Please also refer mock sites that you think are quality or ones you think are garbage...this will make the information better for everyone

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    Re: Mock trending year 2?

    I enjoyed this last year. Now, as it turned out it was correct right?

    I think you would be wasting your time to start before hte Superbowl... But that could be just me... I just don't think the quality info will be there until then.

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    Re: Mock trending year 2?

    After the Superbowl certainly.

    Personally I'd suggest until just before the start of Free Agency or after a week of free agency. Let re-signings and big signings on the open market shake out otherwise draft projections can be very, very off.


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