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    props to steeler defense

    Ok, before you all jump all over me, I loathe the Steelers and their fans as much, or even more so, than the rest of you, having nearly gotten into fisticuffs on more than one occasion defending 'our house'. Oh, btw, why is it that that one group of Steeler fans are still allowed to continually hang that insidious sign, "raven stadium is steeler country", or something like that, in our one end zone every year?!?! Anyway, back to my post. I have watched the Steeler D over the course of this year, and their Defense is very impressive in being able to constantly bring pressure on the other teams' QB. I have to give them their due! I used to think that is what our D was all about, but after Monday night, Baltimore, you have a ways to go to reach that level! LeBeau disguises his blitz packages beautifully, and their D is very efficient at disrupting the opposing team's offense. Also, while I'm giving props to a hated rival, props go out to Ward. Here is a future hof receiver knocking the stuffin' out of our mr. tuff guy, Bart Scott, and also our all-pro safety, Mr. Reed. Before the game he quietly implied that this will be an "interesting game", knowing full well, what apparently the entire Steeler organization knew (as evidenced by their planned homecoming festivities), that they were going to knock the snot out of the Ravens and embarass them before a national audience, and reestablish themselves as Numero Uno in our division. We can thump our chests all we want; but, in the end, it is their inner bravado and confidence that speaks volumes!

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    Re: props to steeler defense

    I don't see Hines Ward as a HOF Wide Receiver. If they won't let Art Monk in it would be a joke to let Ward in.
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    • I know... The family resemblance is uncanny.


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