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    Random Thoughts

    Maybe the bye week is not a time for the Ravens to rest anymore. The last two resulted in a home playoff choke vs. the Colts and last night’s ass pounding.

    With a team so full of veterans, I don’t see much veteran leadership going on out there. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were the only ones who acted like he gave a shit. McGahee gave up his body too.

    Derrick Martin – When your receiver has already caught the ball and is sliding on his back in the end zone, that’s a clue that there is no further need to look up and hold your arms out for the ball. Work on that, will ya?

    David Pittman – Just go home, wherever that was. The sooner the better.

    Ed Reed, returning a punt is not the time to audition for “Dancing With The Stars”. Run towards the opponent’s goal line until you are tackled. Thank you.

    Steve McNair – please spend an hour a day in practice dropping back and throwing the ball while being sprayed with a garden hose. Sometimes you actually need to play football in wet weather, and you don’t have the skillz.

    Risk Neuheisel and/or Brian Billick – when every snap is a jailbreak, it’s a good idea to run a draw or a screen pass now and then.

    Oh, Steve M. – it would be nice if you didn’t resemble a character in Night of the Living Dead during games. Try acting like you give a shit.

    Willis McGahee, it’s usually not a good idea to backpedal 15 yards into your own end zone with the football. See advice to Reed, Ed – above.

    Bart, Todd, Suggs, etc. – please respect yourself, your city and your fans by not laughing on the sidelines in the midst of a 31 point asskicking.

    Ray Lewis – just shut up and play football. Please.

    Brian Billick – you are a smart guy, but only an idiot would have climbed out on a limb at the post game press conference and proclaimed that McNair is still his starting QB. Not after a crash and burn that rivaled Stoney Case vs. KC in 1999 and Chris Redman vs. StL in 2003. 13 completions for 63 yards? 3 fumbles, an INT and a half dozen dirt balls.

    Ravens defense – yelling and screaming at the opponent’s sidelines and at the opposing players on the field, and beating your chest and generally acting like a banshee is considered bad form when you are down five touchdowns. Just so you know.

    Whomever had Quinn Sypneiwski up against Mr. Harrison who was in the middle of a career day playing defense was, um, stupid.

    Jon Ogden – thanks for the memories, buddy. But I think your time has come to ride into the sunset.

    Steve Bisciotti – Please suggest to Mr. Billick in the strongest possible terms that he needs to hand that steaming pile called an “offense” over to Neuheisel as soon as humanly possible.

    Rolle, CMac – please get back on the field this week or Carson Palmer may just ring up 50. I doubt Marvin (2-5) Lewis is in the mood to call off the dogs at halftime like Tomlin did

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    Re: Random Thoughts

    Wow -- I would retitle this thread as "camdenyard is taking no prisoners."

    There's just too much here for me to comment on, but you do bring up a topic I haven't seen or heard anyone talking about yet, and that is Ogden's performance. I wasn't aware of it while the game was going on, probably because I was covering my eyes after the first few minutes, but on replays today I noticed that the Steelers LB that we made look like All-World (Harrison?) was running around Ogden like he was barely there. I thought his return would help the OL but it sure didn't look like it. Like McNair, his extended time off did not seem to help him out at all. I don't know if he's rusty, still not completely healthy, or done, but he didn't look like the JO we have known.


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