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    Re: Billick Show on WBAL

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswarrior19 View Post
    You know what I keep hearing from Billick, without him ever saying it?
    I hear,
    "I need McNair to definitavely play himself out of a job, so I can bench him without losing my locker room and my team. McNair is a warrior and was brought in here as our savior. He lead us to 13-3 last year and the players on this team have the utmost faith and respect in him. I need to give him enough rope to hang himself. It must be blatantly obvious to every player on the this team that McNair is done. Only then can you bench a 'legend'."

    If Billick lets McNair play on Sunday, and he lays the egg we all expect to see, Billick will have all the ingredients in place to make the change.
    As nice as that sounds, I don't think Billick is that smart.
    • Section 133 for eternity!
    • I know... The family resemblance is uncanny.

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    Re: Billick Show on WBAL

    ?What is with all the check downs trailing by 4 scores?
    Jeremiah W to billickshow
    Nov 6 (16 hours ago)

    Don't you have some plays with all routes going down field and no underneath stuff? They can't double all the deep routes if you send 3 or 4 guys on go and post routes.

    I still did not see much pre snap gamesmanship. The Steelers were beating our line off the ball. They had some coverages with the corner 12 yards off our wide out, yet there was no audible to a quick wr screen or out. Please try getting to the line sooner and letting McNair audible more when defenses show something. Also the waggle was working and is once again missing.

    I still am a big fan, and I got your back, but I am frustrated by a lack of innovation and adjustments.

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    Re: Billick Show on WBAL

    I think Greg mentioned this in another thread, and he may be right. I hadn't thought about it before, but maybe the problem is not the plays being called but McNair changing the play to one of these dink and dunk jobs. It seems like the offense takes more shots downfield with Boller at QB, and some of us thought they were just calling different plays with Boller in, but it could be that they have the same game plan but McNair just audibles out of the call.
    He isn't changing the play, every pass play save a Hail Mary that has long routes also will have an intermediate and short route (or more than one each) for safety valves or check downs if the deep route is covered. McNair doesn’t even look deep, he drops and immediately checks down, and to the short guy, not even the intermediate route.


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