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    "Cause and Effect" or just a correlation?

    Can't say I am too horribly surprised about last night seeing how we played the first seven games of the year, it was a monday night game and it was raining.

    I can say that this year is maybe the most disappointing season for me since the SB XXXV. For disappointments, it rivals the season after the super bowl and the 2004 season (Deion's first). Interstingly enough all of those three majorly disppointing seasons 2001, 2004 and 2007 were years when the Ravens had some kind of extra media coverage.

    2001 - HBO "hard Knocks"
    2004 - Feinsteins book "Next Man Up"
    2007 - a week's worth talk shows

    Could just be a correlation or maybe "cause and effect"

    Also interesting is the aftermath of AD's comments. Anyone else notice that he hasn't played much in the past two weeks? He was averaging over 4 tackles a game from weeks 3-7 and lead the team I think 3 times in tackles. Since his comments he has had a tackle a game and not been seen much.

    Could just be a correlation or maybe "cause and effect"

    Anyone surprised about Randy Moss? Seems like he might have gotten the memo on day one of training camp at NE. IN other words, "Keep your mouth shut or else you won't play". Did Ad miss the memo???

    Did Belichick see Baltimore's cancer beginning to show when AD spoke? I was interested in how that would be handled since it was so uncharacteric of the Patriots organization. Seems to have been handled quietly and decisively.

    What was Bart Scott yelling about all night last night when down by 20+ points? Anyone notice the Steelers ball boys even laughing at him? He did shut though when Hines Wards punched him in the mouth. Didn't think I would ever like seeing that moment.

    My point is this - The Ravens have to fundamentally change how they operate as an organization. The seek media coverage like a drunken 20 year old on MTV's Real World. It burns them everytime. They have a cancer. Think NE was most worried about Moss? Maybe not..maybe it was AD that was their biggest concern. When his Baltimore way began to show...he suddenly had less playing time.

    Hey could just be a correlation...but what if it is "cause and effect"?

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    Re: "Cause and Effect" or just a correlation?

    As far as AD goes, I agree. The second he started mouthing off, his play time decreased significantly. Maybe that is how Belicheck punishes his players. If we did that, we would have to bench the majority of the team.

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    Re: "Cause and Effect" or just a correlation?

    The Ravens have a bunch of players from "The U" and others who talk trash. They talked trash and preened during the 2000 Super Bowl run and nobody complained then, at least not in the Ravens fan base.

    Some years have been better then others; the trash talking and pride has stayed throughout. Kinda stinks when we look bad, doesn't it?

    But it was there when we were champs, too.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: "Cause and Effect" or just a correlation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne
    My point is this - The Ravens have to fundamentally change how they operate as an organization. The seek media coverage like a drunken 20 year old on MTV's Real World.
    You might be right, although not all of your examples make sense. I don't think "Hard Knocks" was their idea, although they obviously cooperated, and I know that "Next Man Up" was not their idea either, although they again went along with it.

    What I don't like this season is all these radio shows. Ray especially seems to create some distraction on a pretty routine basis. And it's not even that he's necessarily off base with all of his comments, but saying them on a radio show is not a good idea. I was okay with AD having a radio show last year, but this year, it seems like some player has one almost every night -- I'm not sure I can even keep track of them all -- in addition to Ray, I think other guys with shows are Bart Scott, McGahee, and Ogden, maybe? It's too much.


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