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    Re: You can Take this as a Positive if You Like

    Quote Originally Posted by purplepoe View Post
    You mean after he left the bad CBs exposed for 5 TDs in the first 20 minutes of the game?

    Ryan's game plan was just as pathetic as Billick's.

    Agreed. Except that...if we could have wrapped him up, we would have avoided 2 of those touchdowns, so who knows.

    I dont' know that the offensive game plan was all that terrible. I mean, I dont' think that Brian told them to fumble every time someone breathed on them. We never had a chance to get going, and when we had the ball McNair looked like he literally just didn't give a shit.

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    Re: You can Take this as a Positive if You Like

    Quote Originally Posted by duffybr View Post
    The only good thing in the game was the improvement by the defense in the second half. The fact that they were able to come out after the first half comedy and hold their heads up and play a pretty good second half, even without effective corners, is pretty remarkable.
    The Steelers' didn't run any play-action in the second half if I remember correctly....they basically ran the ball all 3 downs the entire second half so the CB's didn't get exposed like they were in the first half.......

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    Re: You can Take this as a Positive if You Like

    Rex Ryan DID try to protect those corners!!

    He did a lot of different things to bring pressure and the front 7 failed. Big Ben slips out of what SHOULD have been a sack from Trevor Pryce, boom touchdown. Somehow it's the corner's fault. Pryce needs to take the man to the turf.

    The Steelers picked up the additional pressure all night, allowing Ben time to either move up in the pocket or off to the side and find targets.

    Frankly, the Ravens passrushers looked slow in their pursuit. If the pressure works, thing are fine.

    If Ryan adds extra DBs to protect, Big Ben still has time to throw and Rex clearly didn't have the confidence in the young corners to cover even with help. Then you're going to get torn up with Parker, AND torn up just as badly because two young guys get beat and Big Ben DEFINITELY has the time to throw because pressure isn't coming.

    Pressure worked to rattle Big Ben and throw him off and into making mistakes in the past. I have no problem with the gameplan from Rex. I have problems with the inability of the defense to tackle and inability of our pass rushers to do their job.


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