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Thread: Bye Bye Brian

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    Unhappy Re: Bye Bye Brian

    The team is in disarray. Something needs to change and in Pro Sports it starts with the Coach. It's time to replace Billick. Last night was a total embarrassment. Ravens fans have spent the past several years watching a team with NO offense and it's getting really old. I personally am tired of spending all this money on the Ravens to watch a pitiful display on MNF last night. Every year they raise the ticket prices, the parking goes I said it's getting old! :(

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    Re: Bye Bye Brian

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    You listed all valid reasons to get rid of him, not keep him.
    If he did them by choice, but that's my point. I don't think all that is transpiring are voluntary choices on his part.

    Think of the Gerome Sapp situation the first time around. Gerome Sapp got bumped and Corey Fuller stayed because of a third party.

    I just happen to believe that something similar is going on now, because Brian can't just get that oblivious to what's going on. It's just not possible...

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    Re: Bye Bye Brian

    Besides his stint in Minnesota and brief moments with San Diego State, Billick has never shown a capacity for the offensive scheme.

    So here we are. The day after the teams worst loss ever. Looking back over his tenure with the team, he has never shown he can run an offense. Not once. We have a coach who is only doing 50% of what he needs to be doing.

    If one of my employees was only half-assing it, I wouldnt keep him or her for one second longer.


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