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    Question on a non-call....

    First: I am in NO WAY trying to explain our piss poor performance thus far tonight on bad officiating.
    I simply have a question for those who have been watching football alot longer then me, so as to help me understand the game better.
    Was that closeline on Figurs legal? The guys in the booth seemed to think one of those flags could have been on that hit. The pissburgh players arm hit below the neck, but it sure looked like he was going for a pretty cheap shot tome.
    Was it legal?
    Actual user comment from a yahoo sports article:

    On this given sunday you will witnesses why we'll called steeler nation!!!

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    Re: Question on a non-call....

    The hit was fine, he wasn't clothes-lined, he was just tackled high.

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    Re: Question on a non-call....

    Yeah, what Greg said ....


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