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    yeah, remember that monday night football game against the titans and the end of the game they tried to hurry up and run it in, but i think it was boulware couldnt get back in time, so they sd they couldnt decline the encrouchment. so they had to run the play again and we stopped them and won.

    from wikpedia: you can decline offsides, but not encroachment:

    Offsides (5 yards) - any part of a player is in or past the neutral zone when the ball is snapped. Unlike offensive players, defensive players are not compelled to come to a set position before the snap, so if a defender jumps across the line but gets back to his side before the snap there is no penalty. In the case of an offsides penalty, play is not stopped, and the penalty is announced at the conclusion of the play. The offense can thus decline the penalty and take the yardage gained on the play - unlike in the case of a false start penalty against the offense, whereupon the play is immediately stopped by the officials. Referee signal: both hands placed on hips, with elbows pointing outwards.

    Encroachment (5 yards) - a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage and makes contact with a player, or has an unabated path to the quarterback, before the snap. Unlike the offsides penalty, this penalty immediately halts play: the referees blow the whistle, the clock stops, and the offense does not run a play. In high school, any entry to the neutral zone by a defensive player is an encroachment penalty; the play cannot start with a player offsides. Referee signal: same as offsides.
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    Re: Panthers 1st & 5 at 2:06

    Now that I thoroughly understand the ramifications of the encroachment penalty (and thanks for reminding us all of that Boulware penalty against the Titans): this one is a no brainer. There's nothing to debate. Coupled with burning 25 seconds in anticipation of a measurement.

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