I'm not trying to sugarcoat things, but our division as a whole looks rather sad. Cincy lost today to the lowly Bucs. Pittsburgh is erratic, and Cleveland is Cleveland.

We are by no means out of the race, but I would make some changes. Start Boller after the bye. Our offense was actually in attack mode with him in there. Start Anderson, and just release Jamal. He's becoming a cancer, and Anderson looked good with limited carries.

The o-line is pass blocking quite a bit better. Flynn still sucks and can't even snap the ball, but he's Ozzie's lapdog. Believe it or not, this offense showed life today. It will end up opening up the running game.

Rex needs to stop being so aggressive on D. We can't leave rolle one on one with anyone. We have the talent to get to the QB without bringing the house. Bottom line is that we probably win today if Smith didn't embarass our D with that last TD.

There should be no week off during this bye.