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    Re: Monday Night Must Win?

    Quote Originally Posted by JimBone View Post
    That's the best you can do. At least give us some stats or trends. Typical uneducated Sqeeler bandwagon fan just looking for a fight.

    Stop living in a dream world. Rolle, C Mac and Heap not playing don't disrespect the Steelers this game is over before it starts. We have faced
    2nd string QB's this year except for The first game against the Bengals. It's time to rebuild. Oh I'm not a Steelers fan I'm a Ravens fan and a season ticket holder speaking the truth. I pay $ 80 a game to go to a game at which I go to every game but I call it like it is. I have the balls to say what you're thinking.

    I love the Ravens but we are in real trouble. The rest of the games are a lot harder then our first 7 games at which we could only be 4-3.

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    Re: Monday Night Must Win?

    Anyone who thinks this is NOT a must win is deluding themselves! A loss tomorrow night, and see you next year. And I don't want to hear the injury excuse. Good teams win Despite injuries! This team put themselves in this postion with an UnderAchieving performance thus far this year. Poor execution, poor discipline, and a lack of intensity have put us in the whole. I said it before, and I'll say it again - don't be surprised if we finish behind the Brownies in third place this year, with basically the same personnel we had last year.

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    Re: Monday Night Must Win?

    I agree with you. The point I was making was back up your statement with facts ravens138. Although I totally disagree with " the game is over before it starts". If the Ravens shut down the run they have a chance.Roethlissberger has proven if he is aked to throw too much he struggles. If I lived in a dream world I would say the Ravens are a guaranteed to win.And guarantees don't exist in the NFL.


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