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    Deion Branch Files Grievance

    "pats turn down trades, branch files grievance"

    Granted, I find this highly interesting when it's not actually that cool cause of what I'm doing school-wise.

    Basic facts seem to be
    *Branch can seek a trade
    *Branch works out contacts with the Jets and Seahawks in the area of 40 million with about 13 of that guaranteed.
    *Pats turn down offers from both teams with Jets reportedly offering a second round pick
    *branch files.

    I think Branch has a good case here.
    No way in hell does any team pay two firsts. The only players I can think of that would be worth two firsts would be someone like: Carson Palmer, Peyton Manning, Walter Jones, Julius Peppers, Ladanian Tomlinson off the top of my head. Those players being guys who are true monsters, mega stars that no team would ever every let leave their franchise unless they're on the downside of their careers and can't play to the value their contract (insert preston-esque shot at JO and Ray...come on, you know he would). Those teams will compromise the rest of the team just to make sure they keep them.

    That said, Branch is not that kind of player.
    *TO's was um..."dealt" for second round pick (TO is better imo)
    *Ashley Lelie went for a third (lelie is admittedly worse)
    *Peerless price was signed forcing the Falcons to pay a 1st (I am pretty sure), but this was universally regarded as a gamble (price did put up numbers like branch)
    *Stallworth went for LB M. Simoneau and a 4th (potential, but never quite played to a 1st round WR)

    So I think Branch has a pretty good case that a second round pick (especially with the expected JETS performance this year) is a reasonable offer.

    I'm very interested to see what comes of this. We all know teams are TERRIFIED of trading high draft picks. Boller hosed us, even if he does pan out to be better than average. Price screwed the falcons. What's worked recently? Maybe the Eli Manning trade will be worth it. This could do a lot to change the trading policies with RFA and just in general.

    We could be seeing a slight shift of power towards players who get lowballed and have to play out undervalued contracts given by tightfisted teams (don't go telling me the pats aren't tightfisted, they don't really pay anyone big outside Brady and he could have gotten more somewhere else).

    Lessons: sign short rookie deals if at all possible. The trend is for longer and longer rookie deals...why? So they can get a player like Branch for $1 million a year if he's good. Patriots are going to get bit in the ass eventually by their refusal to pay market value.

    Anyone else have a take on this? :hammer:
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    Re: Deion Branch Files Grievance

    I pretty much agree with everything you have written


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